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The molten chocolate microwave protein cake of your dreams

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

(gluten-free*, single-serving, can made vegan*)⁣



30g oat flour⁣ ( can sub for all-purpose or buckwheat)

20g vegan chocolate protein powder

3g baking powder ⁣

5g cocoa powder⁣

15g coconut sugar ⁣(can sub for 10 ml agave or 10g monk fruit sweetener)

4 tablespoons milk (or any plant milk) ⁣

15g nut butter (or olive/coconut oil) ⁣

Molten centre:⁣

1 tablespoon chocolate spread (I use chocolate hummus from Trader Joe's) ⁣

**you sub 1-2 pieces of chocolate for the centre too ⁣


1. Mix together all the cake ingredients until a thick batter is formed.

2. Create a well in the middle of the batter and dollop a tablespoon of hazelnut butter in the middle⁣

3. Microwave for 60-90 seconds.

*Microwaving times may vary according to the strength of your microwave, mine is 1000w⁣

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