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How to eat healthy with shift work

Looking for ideas on how to snack smarter?

Making changes to eating patterns can be overwhelming. That's why we like to emphasize with our clients that every food choice is an opportunity to move towards a healthy eating pattern #microchanges

These small shifts in food choices over a week, a day, or even a meal, can make a BIG DIFFERENCE. Here are some ideas for realistic, small shifts that can help you adopt healthy eating patterns:

꙳ High palatable processed snacks ⇝ nutrient-dense snacks high in protein and carbs, like hummus and vegetables

꙳ Fruit products with added sugar ⇝ Fruit

꙳ Snacks with added sugar ⇝ Unsalted snacks, like a handful of nuts and a piece of dark chocolate

꙳ Refined grains ⇝ Whole grains

꙳ Solid fats (butter) ⇝ Oils (olive oil)

Beverages with added sugars ⇝ No sugar-added beverages

☞What are your favorite healthy swaps?

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