Building New Habits that stick

Updated: May 15, 2020

We've all been there. Developing new habits it's not easy, and according to scientific research, it may take between 18-254 days to build a New Habit. I know, stay with me.

In Jim Kwik's book, Limitless, Jim discusses how to find your limitless motivation. Here's a very revealing excerpt in his book about the importance of Motivation:

"Let's unlimit a few L.I.Es (limit ideas entertained) commonly held around motivation. Contrary to popular belief, like your mindset, motivation is not fixed. No one has a set level of motivation. And when people say they are unmotivated, it's not completely true. They could have a high level of motivation to stay in bed and watch television. 

Motivation also doesn't mean you have to enjoy something that you need to do [...]. Finally, motivation is not something you wake up with or not. Motivation isn't something you have, it is something you do. And it's entirely sustainable. [...] And since it's a strategy, you have control over it and can create it consistently by following the right recipe. Here's the formula = Motivation = Purpose x Energy x S's.

When you combine purpose, energy, and small steps you get sustainable motivation."

Pay attention to the importance of the personal responsibility behind each action. You have to DO it, even though it may be tough at firs or not fun. However, as Jim states, once you have the motivation to put in that extra effort/time to introduce something into your routine you get into a state of flow - the ultimate state of motivation.


Now that we know that the key to habit developing is to make micro-commitments and focus on small wins, let's dive into how we can start DOING. Here are some #microwellness #hacks that may help you to improve your overall health taking small daily actions. The goal is to DO this #microhacks before/after something you do no matter what every day. Commit to something so easy that its impossible to miss a day. 


- After brushing to teeth in the morning, write down three things you are grateful for.

- Before getting into the shower, do 1-minute push-ups (air squats, downward dog, you name it).

- Before sitting down to have lunch, drink one glass of water.

- Start plating your food with your vegetables and greens first.

- On your way to work, call a relative or a friend (even if it's to say "good morning, have a good day").

Use these as inspiration to create your own and don't get frustrated if you fail. Take it day by day, and celebrate the small wins. Never forget that a little (working out for 20 minutes or eating 1 cup of veggies a day) is better than nothing.

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