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〰️  Are you overwhelmed and confused about the "best way" to eat and exercise to reach your goals?

〰️ Do you wonder why someone else's program doesn't work for you?

〰️ How does "an optimal" nutrition plan and training program look for you?

We've been there!

... and this is WHY we created this personalized membership. 


It's our job to learn about what you are struggling with and what you’ve already tried, so we can craft the right Nutrition and Fitness plan for you. With your Mãe coach, you will always know your next steps in this supportive lifestyle plan.


Complimentary discovery call

Connecting you with your online coach.

In this 15 minute call you and your coach will explore the many factors involved in meeting your goals. Be ready to answer WHY NOW?

Once done, you will walk away with clear-cut strategies to begin implementing your plans in your everyday life. 

Customized program

Based on your initial consultation, your coach will create and share a detailed monthly plan:

  • Fitness plan: designed to fit your schedule, access to equipment and goals.

  • Nutrition plan: will include meal ideas, food timing recommendations, hydration goals, and mindful practices for optimal digestion based on your calorie and macronutrient targets.

Weekly check-ins
On Her Laptop

Are you getting closer to your goals? Are you having difficulties adhering to your program? Have you hit a plateau? 

These sessions will help you and your coach to see your progress and if any adjustments in your nutrition and/or fitness plan are needed. 

Access to material
Food blog

Your coach will educate you on how to track your training and food intake:

  • Food tracker or helpful visuals to guide your food choices

  • Fitness tracker and exercise library

  • Meal guides: with vegan, vegetarian, and low FODMAP options

  • How to read food labels and log measurements

Support & Accountability

Making lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming, but you are not in this alone! Your coach will be by your side throughout the program to provide the support, motivation, and accountability essential to long-lasting success.


Ideal for those with knowledge in macro counting and resistance training who want to focus on short-term goals.

$240/month (min. 3 months)


  • Initial discovery call and deep follow-up to set your weekly goals

  • Customized nutrition and fitness plan

  • Macronutrient calculation

  • Access to daily communication with your coach

  • Weekly check-ins with your coach to assess your progress

  • Access to online resources and exercise library


Perfect for those who are new to nutrition and resistance training, want to shift their body composition and achieve long-lasting goals.




  • Initial discovery call and deep follow-up to set your weekly goals

  • Customized monthly nutrition and fitness plan

  • Macronutrient calculation

  • Access to daily communication with your coach

  • Access to our online resources and exercise library

  • Weekly video check-ins with your coach

  • 24 online training sessions with our personal trainer

  • A monthly meal plan with 10 recipes tailored to your macro goals


One-on-one 60 min. personal online training session ($60/session)

Book an online training session with your coach and learn  how to safely perform the exercises while improving adherence to your plan. 

Recipe Development  ($60/month)

We  will design a plan with 30 recipes from breakfast to healthy desserts that fit your macro goals.

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